Construction Industry Scheme: Subcontractor Statement of Payment - Use the Subcontractor Statement of Payment and Deductions report to show the payments and deductions at the end of each month paid by the subcontractors. Subcontractor Statement - Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank - Fill Subcontractor Statement, download blank or editable online. File: Download Statutory declaration subcontractor statement nsw government. Statutory declaration subcontractor statement nsw government -...
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Comments and Help with subcontractor's statement form nsw

Who needs Subcontractor's Statement?

This form may come in handy to contractors and subcontractors.

What is Subcontractor's Statement Used For?

Subcontractor’s Statement is used whenever a person or other legal entity enters into a contract  with a principal contractor to carry out some work.

Is Subcontractor's Statement Accompanied by Other Forms?

This form is accompanied by the relevant Certificate of Currency.

How do I fill out Subcontractor's Statement?

While filling out this form you should provide the following information. The first box requires subcontractor’s business name to be mentioned. It is followed by the field for an address of subcontractor. The last box in this section is for the principal contractor’s business name. The next field is for the contract identifier. After this you can find a section for temporal frames.

The last section is actually the clauses of the statement. Here’s where you mention employed workers or subcontractors the subcontractor has. F and G clauses are for the subcontractor’s representative signature and position. The field for the current date is right here as well.

In case you are not sure about some part of the form, you can use Notes on the second page of the Subcontractor’s Statement.

What should I Do Next?

This Form is made in two copies. The first one is for the principal contractor, and the second is for the subcontractor.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing subcontractor statement
Instructions and Help about nsw subconstractor statement form

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